A World called Freedom

-Akhilesh Iyer

The Fishbowl Network (TFBN) to the majority implies freedom. Why I represent "Freedom" is associated with my persona which eventually became incorporated into the organization. I initially started off as a freelancer, not wanting to be bound by any rules. When we started TFBN, we didn't have much in mind, other than to put together the best group of people and provide them with a platform. When the group got together, we knew we had put together a creative army of our own who had the thirst to learn and passion to write, design, market and create. How an organization evolves is reflected in its resources, we didn't run behind wealth or power, rather we ran behind our passion. We consider it a marathon which we never want to win because the day you stop pursuing, you become complacent and pomp. So, here we are today, running alongside a huge crowd of individuals with a drive for perfection. What's interesting is that we don't follow a hierarchy, which means nobody is anybody's boss, so nobody hates anybody.

Think, you are in an organization where you get to do what you love, you can see the results materialize and you improve your skills every day marching towards a professional career; dream to reality; passion to profession; that is The Fishbowl Network, that is freedom.

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