Silent Goodbyes


The silences are loud,
They come out like ghosts;
Lost on their way.

The winds blow the leaves away,
And the Sun shines through,
But we sit there motionless;
With nothing  left to say.

My eyes are stuck to the ground;
And yours are to the sky,
The space between us feels like;
A wall six feet high.

You talk of your day;
You talk of your errands done on time,
I smile hesitantly and think of;
How my day went by.

I do not tell you that;
My thoughts were lost in you,
I thought of summertime;
Our love, fresh as morning dew.

But now, we are sitting here;
Under this withering tree;
And you are telling me;
How great life is…

I have only silences to give;
And maybe you have your words as shields,
But when we see eye to eye;
I can hear two souls scream.

So I let myself an inch closer;
Hoping you would hear them too;
Hoping you would hold my hand to your heart and say;
“Baby, I hear you….”

You look up and my heart is filled with joy;
I think its almost time!
Now we will be just fine.
This six feet wall, we shall climb.

But you blink, and then you blink twice,
Your world of dreams flashes;
Like a bright light;
It dumbs your eyes and muffs your scream;
The wall between thickens with every beat.
From now on, you will never be,
You will never be able to hear us scream.

I gather my strength, I say, “I have to go. Its time.”
“I have to go. Its time”
And you just say;
You just say, “Alright”.

I gulp down my tears;
I don’t want you to see them,
I don’t want you to know that my heart is bleeding.

I get up.
I know its time to leave;
But,  I walk slow,
Hoping that if I walk slow enough;
I’ll hear your call back,
But I cant be so slow;

I can’t be slow that I do not move at all.
I have to cross over to the other side;
After this there won’t be any turning back;
I stop.
I stop in the middle;
My buckling legs wants to run back to your arms;
and my trembling heart wants to cry onto your chest.

But then I blink.
I blink and your world of dreams flashes in front!
I do not see myself in that world;
After all, all I have to give is silence;
And you can’t hear any more.

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