Moon Landing Hoax:How Mickey Mouse Scammed and Micheal Jackson Died

So what if I told you Mickey Mouse was a part of the conspiracy that fooled you into believing that first man landed on the moon? A part of the hoaxes staged by NASA and other organizations to fake the Apollo program and the associated Moon landings. Shocked??!! Walt Disney supposedly sponsored the million-dollar hoax of the very first moon landing. Or so says blokes from the Flat Earth Society, who also (not surprisingly) argue that the earth is flat. They are not the only ones, moon landing conspiracy theory was sparked off by a writer who wrote about rockets, followed up by a folklorist and a space journalist and later publicized by a radio talk show host, a philosophy professor,a French author, a Russian politician and a plethora of random people who vehemently believed that NASA has been running the biggest scam in human history.

Moon Landing Hoax?

The conspiracy theorists have convinced themselves with a list of unconvincing observations about the first moon landing, like how the American flag in Apollo 11 photographs are not waving (well, they are ‘photographs’), why the stars are not visible in pictures from the moon (maybe it was day time), and more importantly, how the astronauts made foot prints on the moon’s surface while the Lunar Module weighing 17 tons did not (no arguments here). Also it seems highly suspicious that every manned moon landing orchestrated by NASA was under Nixon’s presidency!! (Is Nixon the puppet master?!)
Nonetheless, United States is said to have strong motives to put up a fake show: for one thing they did have to outshine the Russians in the Cold War. NASA could have also payed off many people with the mission’s funds to cover up their embarrassment of being incompetent. Some say the ‘moon landings’ were a ploy to distract public from the ongoing Vietnam War. Funny enough, the U.S. manned landings suddenly ended about the same time that the United States ended its role in the Vietnam War.

Fox Entertainment has come up with a list of people related to the manned spaceflight program who have died unnatural deaths (ranging from getting hit by a flying bird in mid flight to automobile collision with a train). These ‘accidents’, they say, were attempted cover ups to hush anyone who knew too much.
Well, I won’t be surprised. A certain theorist says N.A.S.A. even killed Micheal Jackson for stealing their MoonWalk thunder. The King of Pop was assassinated on the anniversary of the initial moon landing and the first moon walk, because MJ’s moonwalk was more popular than NASA’s.
“NASA hated that and they killed him.”
What would you say?

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