Initial condition : Reading this

Wait! You made a decision just a moment ago! And what was it?  To read this article of course.  Did you know that the decision you just made might change your life? In naive terms this decision might make you come across a new word in this article- you might use that new word in your interview- the impressed HR might hire you- your passion might increase towards writing with you starting your own blog- your readership might increase or you might even become an author by interest. Did you know that the decision you made might have such a big confluence of events knitted to it ?

Butterfly Effect- graphical method

What I am trying to arrive at is that, every single step we make in this ether, ever single thought we grow, every single action we take and every single idea we have can transform things around like nothing you have seen before. I am taking about the Chaos theory often known as the butterfly effect. Chaos theory states that a small change in the initial conditions can trigger an entire new trajectory of events. To help you surmise I would like to give you a simple example. Consider a small pendulum with a bob attached to its end. Let’s presume you have given a push of 10 units to this setup. The pendulum might follow a trajectory – A. Now change the initial conditions by providing a push of 5 units. Now the trajectory of this pendulum will be B. I hope this example justifies the importance of initial conditions to trigger any event. Corollary to that, so do the ideas you chose to bring out of your mind into the universe cause.

The chaos theory is applicable in all walks of life including, educational subject like biology, physics, engineering and even advanced subjects like philosophy itself. The next time you feel stuck with a visage of anxiety in a kerfuffle, just close your eyes and smile because you never know what it all means in near future!

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