Bio entanglement Physics- or theory (BET) is the subject that deals with the interconnectivity of life systems (remember Vittoria Vetra in Angels and Demons?). It is, in a nutshell, the desire to prove conscious inter-connectedness. It is a field that has implications on a large scale. From minute particles to schools of fish to the earth itself.

BET has its roots in the Quantum Field Theory. QFT says that if you move a particle on one side of the universe, its tied-pair-partner will mirror that movement on the other side; at the same time. Sounds impossible? Einstein thought so too (pops up everywhere, doesn’t he?). He had established, in the Theory of Relativity that nothing travels faster than light. QFT though implies that information, regardless of size or length, can travel any distance instantly. So he, along with two other well known scientists set out to disprove it. Unfortunately for him, they ended up proving it instead!

Proof for this theory exists everywhere. Fish in a school change direction at the same time with precise coordination (much unlike us).  These actions happen much faster than bio-electric pathways would allow. So there must exist a link between living beings. This is what BET attempts to prove. The effects go much beyond schools of fish. It has been observed that during events when human emotions are aligned on a larger scale than normal (like 9/11 and the tsunami), the frequency of the Earth’s vibration itself changes! This means we can move the world with our thoughts. Quite literally! These are observations that baffle physicists the world over. Nature it seems has a few tricks physicists don’t. The implications are amazing! Think of what you can do! Alone, not much. But together we can shake the foundations of the earth. Science proves it! Anything is possible when we stand together!

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