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Let me satiate your quest to know the various contributions of the artists. There were two types of artists during the phase of Surrealistic movement. The first comprise of surface thinkers while the root thinkers correspond the second. The root thinkers are the ones who keep the people thinking more. Their paintings are not facile to comprehend. One often can draw multiple interpretations corollary to the debate of zebra having black or white stripes. The surface thinkers are the ones who provide a much easier and decipherable concoction of hue. The patrons can easily understand the simple meaning the artist intends to convey and yet be baffled how convincing it can be.

One among such eminent artists is Salvador Dali whose domicile was Spain during the early 1900’s. Identified as a “retard” in school and by his painting institute, he was forced to spend time in the jail. He often drew strange and horrifying objects that could not exist within this world’s paradigm. Over his 85 years of life, he became one of the important contributors of surrealistic form of art. Some of his famous works include the evergreen “The persistence of Memory”, “Crucifixion” and “The Sacrament of Last Supper “.

The Sleeping Gypsy

Henri Rousseau was one such other person whose contributions were widely appreciated. A French man by birth in mid 1800s, he took to music and art which were his cup of tea. He not only played and taught the violin but also took art classes. Though he was a person of no training whatsoever in art, his work was passionately admired by famous men like Georges Seurat and Paul Gauguin. His contributions however were much earlier than Dali’s and some of them are “The sleepy Gypsy”, “The happy Quartet” and “Jungle with lions”.

Max Ernst and several others like Dali and Henri were solely responsible for the evolution of this beautiful form of art that targets the subconscious. It is as if their subconscious is speaking to ours in its own language and makes an irretrievable connect with the artist. This connect can be so intense that it can leave you questioning the credibility of existence of strange images in this world. The ideas are real, the mission was real, the artists are real, the painting are real but as long as we don’t find them around to perceive it will be Surreal !

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