Sleep: Straight 8 or polyphasic two?

Most of us have grown up with the idea that a solid eight hours of sleep is necessary to feel rested. Now what if I told you that out of the eight hours you sleep, only one or two hours actually contribute to rest?
You might know that sleep can be divided into two different parts: Rapid Eye Movement(REM) sleep which makes up 20-25% of sleep and non REM sleep, which covers the rest. According to research, only Rapid Eye Movement sleep is beneficial, and this only covers about two hours.
What polyphasic sleep does is to cut out the non-REM sleep, giving you another 4-6 hours awake.

There are four different accepted polyphasic sleep cycles , ranging from the siesta to the Uberman, and the further you go, the less you sleep and the more you experience lucid dreaming.
The siesta consists of six hours of core sleep and 20 minutes of napping. Quite common in warmer countries like latin america.
The everyman 2 nap polyphasic cycle consists of 4.5 hours of core sleep and two twenty minute naps.
The everyman 3 nap polyphasic cycle has of 3 hours of core sleep and three twenty minute naps.
The everyman 4 nap polyphasic cycle is of of 1.5 hours of core sleep and four twenty minute naps.

Steep dive isn’t it? Well the most difficult cycle is the Uberman cycle which completely eliminates the need of core sleep, instead relying on five evenly spaced twenty minute naps. If you plan on starting one of these cycles, note that oversleeping or missing a nap in the everyman or uberman cycle will leave you very tired. Plan on what you’ll do in the free time, and be ready for more than a few odd looks. But then, who knows? Maybe we’ll all become uberman sleepers some day!

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