Sitting with a pretty girl

I feel grim. Something seems to have been forcibly snatched from my clutches. I was happy couple of minutes ago. But, right now? I sense gloominess and a dragging feel.

It was about a month and half back.  I remember walking back from the exam hall, having completed the last semester paper and fluttering incessantly towards the canteen to make a toast for the vacations ahead.  The memory is still fresh and the occurrence seems like a couple of days ago. But here I am now, lost in feelings of separation from my happy niche.  I am awestruck at the pace of life sometimes.  Everything rolls like a movie we enjoy: You know you have experienced it but you also know it will remain a mere memory after it ends.

Time Flies

Einstein was known to be a man of science and philosophy too. His grey matter came up with a simple statement to help people fathom the paradigm of relativity. He said ” Put your hand on a  Hot stove for a minute , it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an  hour and it seems like a minute” .

My entire month of non academic schedule, impromptu rendezvous with friends, orientation and extra curricular activities all seem to be blown off and dusted like a handful of talk stains. Everything seems to have vanished in a wink and I see myself sitting here, having travelled 300 miles from home and into my hostile hostel still wondering how time flies and escapes as we blink.

Student life is back to routine : Class rooms- attendance - professors- Exams - marks - grades -  nerdy jokes - Sleepless nights . The phase of the pretty girl seems to have drawn its  curtain and all of us are back to touching the hot stove !

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