Silver screen pandemonium

It’s when your interest shifts to the freshly made crunchy popcorn that you realise the movie is totally not to your taste.  Be it the jarring noise of the Dolby digital in the theatre or the regular films that have failed to live up to their promise, films have always shaped or mobilized the crowds and nurtured their thinking.

In the yore, actors like MGR or Shivaji Ganeshan adopted socially responsible films, while few were definitely oriented towards their political agenda. If you carefully note, they were smart to choose socially acceptable films and it helped Dr.MGR become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu eventually. His films and its messages were clearly successful in pulling the audience to his side and shaping their thought process into electing him as their chief minister. He was being prudent in understanding that films do shape social thinking.

Films of the present day are more oriented towards glamour and have become a mere tool of entertainment. While the society has made it facile for men of all ages and all paunch sizes to fit into a hero image, they still cling on to accepting only a size zero or fair looking woman capable enough of causing incongruous sexual intentions to them. Keeping this gender bias aside, do you think the opportunities a female get in this glamorous domain is worth her dignity? How many films these days are without a regular item song, illogical fight sequences, liquor and smoke?

Our film industries at present have become commercialized to merely severe as a spectacle to its audience but not as an inspiration to be better citizens. Portraying raunchy scenes has literally become a tool and compulsion that it has taken society to a level where the film wouldn’t be accepted otherwise. How many films with genuine social messages, respect towards woman are being encouraged these days? We purchase tickets and don’t mind leaving the hall excited by the dirty foot tapping numbers and look at every single girl or woman with disrespect. At the same time we fail to voice our concerns to the film industry as socially responsible people.


Most of you might have a misconception that western industry is much better. Infact, they too engage in standard concepts.  Every average film will have pets to not invoke animal rights issue, the hero is always alive, his co star is his pleasure toy atleast once on screen, blasts, noise and heavy technical manipulation,  a term most often used- “ Mr. President”  and at the end of the day Americans save the entire world . They are no far behind in instilling false ideas into their viewers.

Where is our world going? Isn’t the film industry not just for entertainment but for social responsibility too? Are we purchasing tickets to make more rapists and munch popcorn or to feel good and encourage social tolerance? Film industries are the ones responsible for the troubles most of the women face in terms of eve teasing, disrespect or worst physically being handled. We need to wake and shake ourselves of this rotten meal they are feeding us before we are poisoned to wake the devil in us. Exercise some self control and have gender acceptance only then change can be seen.

I must take this opportunity to list a few directors at present who embrace this conscious : Shekar Kammula  ( Tollywood ) , Shankar ( Kollywood )  , Ashutosh Guwariker( Bollywood) .  Encourage good films and directors . Let them make films for us and not for their career alone!  As you watch the film,  put yourself in the directors’ shoes. Will you make such films that your children might watch growing up ? Can you hold you heads up high? Think!………


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A Smart-handsome-witty-fluent-sportive-optimistic-kind hearted- reliable- responsible- friendly- spiritual- theist - humorous - fun loving- ailurophile - agile- creative - open minded - multifaceted - out going- proactive - simple , 2nd year student of NIT-Trichy.