Sensationalizing Media

As TRP and advertising revenues take precedence over actual content, there has been a gradual degradation in media quality. The in-your-face news and celebrity gossip only serve to entertain rather than inform. With the influx of dedicated Page-3 tabloids, even the most mundane incidents involving celebrities have been glorified to absurd extents. Here are a few incidents which would have fizzled out were it not for the undeserved media attention showered on the situation.


Sensationalizing Media

Kate Middleton prank call


As a member of the Royal Family, Kate Middleton has always been a media fixation.  A seemingly innocuous visit to the King Edward VII Hospital turned into a needless media spectacle when a radio presenting duo from Australia made a prank call to one of the nurses on duty. The call was transferred to Kate Middleton’s private nurse who inadvertently leaked out the Duchess of Cambridge’s medical details out on air. The fallout was tragic, the nurse in charge committed suicide amidst the outrage. The ensuing controversy also invited the attentions of a Member of Parliament. The inquest on her death will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of May.


IPL: Shahrukh Khan’s scuffle with the authorities


Being the perfect fusion of the inherent desires of your everyday Indian: cricket and Bollywood, IPL has become embedded in public consciousness.  Not without the help of a few odd controversies though, prime being the scuffle between ”King of Bollywood” Shahrukh Khan and the security guards of Wankhede Stadium, one of the premier cricket stadiums in India. This was followed by a barrage of accusations from both sides. Khan was subsequently banned from the stadium, although efforts have been made to rescind the ban.

Charlie Sheen’s meltdown


One of the highest paid actors in television, Charlie Sheen underwent one of the most startling and heavily publicized falls from grace. After his enforced divorce from his third wife, he committed a series of drunken debaucheries and made bizarre statements in public which culminated in his removal from the acting cast of the hit T.V. show, “Two and a Half Men”.  He now stars in “Anger Management”, a show based of the movie of the same name.

Shahrukh Khan’s detention in US

Not far away from the public limelight, on this occasion Shahrukh Khan was unwittingly cast into the spotlight after he was detained in New York on grounds of his ethnicity. In an issue which sparked a mild diplomatic outrage, Khan was surprisingly nonchalant instead opting to joke about it in his speech at the Yale University.

M.F. Husain’s exile


In one of the most unfortunate incidents in India, celebrated artist and film-maker M.F. Husain voluntarily exiled himself to Qatar amidst death threats and glaring media coverage. Incessant coverage of his painting had bought about the attentions of right-wing Hindu groups. Cases were filed against him and his house was attacked. This forced him to set up camp in Qatar where he lived till his death.

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