Scary Facts about Food Advertisements and Fast Food

Ever wonder why food in an advertisement looks so much better than what’s actually served? Well, using an Indian analogy, its like watching a Rajanikanth movie and expecting him to be as handsome as he appears to be on television: yes, advertisement food has its own set of make up artists who add that reddish tinge to sauce, make those noodles extra soft and long, and those vegetables extra fresh and healthy!
So what exactly do I mean by ‘make-up’? Well do you fancy having furniture polish, paint and motor oil, or even deodorant for dinner? Hold on to your appetite, because its in for a bumpy ride.

Fast Food Make-up

the sumptuous chicken, or that beautiful steak is RAW, the brown colour added using a blowtorch, and chemical colourants, not to mention brown shoe polish.
The bubbles at the top of a fizzy drink are made by adding a mix of the liquid and KEROSENE using a dropper.
White glue is a common substitute for milk.
Salad dressing is a mix of powdered herbs and oil, applied with a brush.
Motor oil substitutes-unphotogenic syrups.
Mashed potato is injected into meat and sandwitches, using a syringe to make it look fatter.
Glue to stick sesame and other small additions.
That was in the ad. Now what goes on in the kitchen?
one hamburger can contain the meat of upto a hundred cows. They’re mass produced in industries.
McDonald’s fries are flavored with unspecified animal products.

A Piece of Cake - Before and After

Before reshaping, foods like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, bologna and pepperoni look like a disgusting sludge of pink paste. This is done through a process called mechanical separation, which is a cost-effective way to “smooth out” bone remnants left after the de-boning process. The process results in excessive bacteria, which is fixed by washing the meat in ammonia. To cover up that delicious ammonia flavor, the meat is then re-flavored artificially and dyed to resemble to type of meat it once was.
The Strawberry flavor, ice cream, shakes and others contains 50 different chemicals
The phosphoric acid found in cola is so acidic that it can dissolve a nail in 4 days.
Some yogurts contain beef or pork gelatin. Unless stated that the yoghurt is vegetarian (and sometimes in spite of it.)

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