Say Cheeeeeezeee !!!

Staring into the morning sky, with the delicious sun making its entrance into the phase of earth, even though a lazy Sunday dawn, there I was standing with my martial arts stick, clad in my shorts and waiting for my teacher to make his entrance to the grounds. His far residence delayed him .Mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the silver lined clouds and the golden hue of the sky , a hand as if guided by a mentor automatically slips into my pocket picking up my mobile and takes a few amateur snaps of the eye grabbing scenery .  And after my master had arrived I pained my muscles out into practice of stick fighting . I do not know what intrigued me but I put up those picture , around a couple of snaps on facebook and behold! I received a lot of good comments !  I simple chuckled as my MotoRokr E8 phone my parents gifted me in my 10th grade was merely a 2 Mgpxl phone and it struck a wonder to my “fans”.

Say Cheeze!

An unconscious interest built up in me since then, I named my album as “on cloud nine” and begun an effortless capture and posted many more fluffy and puffy cloud picture I captured often and in places I travelled. I had people  rejoicing the angle, the subject of the pictures and also praised a few technical details I hit by luck and something that naturally came to me. It was amusing but at the same time motivating too.  What I hardly realised was photography was slowly becoming a hobby for me.
As a year progressed, my father bought a better camera, Sony cyber shot 16.1 digi camera and I could work wonders with it. I Used the panorama view to get a wider range and digital zooming and motion capture features to obtain a better quality image. After I purchased by DELL Inspiron laptop I begun using Picasa and Photoscape softwares , where basic photo adjustments were possible and not any illegal editing that completely shattered the pride of a photographer.  I begun realising how sapia , black and white and other modes sometimes made the photos more appealing. The simple tools like, brightness enhancement, sharpening, saturation levels, gradients, text insertion and auto fix had all come to my aid and taught me how technology can play a major role in helping you to correct your mistakes and provide a better platform to improve my photography. Well folks, even though I use software for my snaps that receive an acclaim, I still stick with my moto  “ photography isn’t  about the camera, Its about your skill, the capture, thats where true talent lies. “  With many of my college friends in the photography club with a DSLR , here I am, the only on inducted with my sony cyber shot for having impressed them with my skills and using my primitive software tools. From 2 to 16.1Mgpxl, facebook to college club, no software to editing tools, well thats how technology brought a photographer in me!

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