500 bucks…………. Are you game?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the unbeatable smart phone in the market. Or so they say…Not sure? OK! Let’s play a game.
You are blindfolded, and given S4 and S3 in your hands… Go ahead and pick S4. Can you do it?

If you are the design junkie you are going to be disappointed. Slimmer? Yes. But otherwise S4 is a carbon copy of its predecessor: the same chassis with the same old volume and power buttons. They also weigh exactly the same despite S4′s slightly thinner design. The backplate is fortunately less flimsy, so you won’t have panic attacks worrying you might break it.

S3 vs. S4

But let’s not judge a book by its cover. S4 has caught up with it’s rival HTC One with its very own Infrared Blaster, a sensor above the screen that can be used for remote control of TVs and other consumer equipment via Samsung’s WatchON app. S4 also has a humidity sensor in addition to thermometer. However you can say goodbye to your good old radio channel: S4 lacks FM sensors, a disappointment for the old souls.
S4 has stepped up its game with 2 mega pixel front camera, and 13 mega pixel rear camera. But what makes it great for capturing the picture perfect memories is the Dual Camera Record, allowing both camera’s to record simultaneously- an innovation not seen previously. The Sound and Shot feature lets you record sound while capturing pictures, making S4 the forerunner in multitasking.
Like Xperia Z and Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with wireless charging- though the feature is still new to the world of smart phones. But on the downside S4 does not have USB interface.

The one thing distinctly different about S4 is its higher RAM- almost double that of S3, but possesses the same internal storage and card storage memory. Though the gadget comes with 16 GB memory printed on its handset, what the manufacturers have forgotten to mention is that only half of it is user accessible, and this has upset many Android fans.

A slightly better resolution, camera quality, CPU speed and onscreen keyboard design is going to be insufficient to please the smartphone maniacs who have got used to expecting a lot from Samsung and its peers. Moreover S4 seems to do little more than add a higher price tag for last years S3. For all its worth the smartphone-under-scrutiny costs more that 550 USD. There is no other reason not to have it. Are you game?

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