Rangarajan to Sujatha

Rangarajan  is  a  simple  man  from  srirangam, a  place  in  Tamil Nadu. He  is  the  man  of  intelligence, wit  and  humour. This  brought  him  to  the  world  , in  the   name  of  sujatha .Actually,  he  had  written  articles  in  the  name  of  ”srirangam Rangarajan”,which  he  later  changed  it  as  sujatha , after  the  name  of  his  wife. His  childhood  days  was  spent  in  srirangam  along  with  his  grand mother  . He  did  his  engineering  in  a  renowned  institution  ”M.I.T-Madras  Instiitute   of  Technology”.

His  articles  ,pin   a  message  like  an  ”anchor’  for  a  ship. He  had  written  around  100  novels , 250  short  stories  and  ten  books  on  science.His  is  a  regular  contributor  to  tamil periodicals like  ”anandha vikatan”, ‘kumudham” and  ”kalki”.His  famous  works  are  endless  and  one  among  them  is  ”en?etherkku? eppadi?”(why? for  what?  how?).He  also  immortalised  ”Ganesh-vasanth”,  an  advocate  pair  in  his  detective  stories.Later, he  restricted  his  writings  to  the  essays  like  ”katradhum petradhum”. He  is  one  among   best  dialogue  writers    and  has  also  written  for  many  movies. His  dialogues  always  have  a  humour  along  with  a  message.

He  had  received  many  awards  from  central  and  state.”VASWIK  Award   for  Electronic  Voting  Machine.  Kalaimamani  Award  from  the  Tamil Nadu Government. MYLAPORE  Academy  award  for  doordharshan  best  serial  ”Mahan Ramanujar”.Moreover , he  had  captured  millions  of  hearts  from  tamilnadu, starting  from  film  stars  ,directors  to   teen  agers.He  is  an  inspiration  for  many  students  and  also  writers.

He  is  a  man  of  sincerity  and  hard worker. Even  at  his  death  bed  , he  had  written  articles  for  tamil  magazines  and  dialogues  for  movies. As  his  student ,”Desikan”  started  of  chanting  mantras  from  ”thirupaavai”  and  from  vedas  , his  soul  attained  peacefulness  on  27 ,february,  2008.


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