Picture Perfect

They remind you of yourself-your stupidity, your anger, your innocence and everything you have been. They are the treasure you have, a memory of those moments of paradise you cannot dream to forget and love to think back and relish. Each of them reminds you of a story nothing like the one before. Some get an ‘awww’ while some get a ‘ewww’. They can melt you into tears or leave you in fits of laughter.
They take you back in years, makes you feel younger and yes, cuter. The times when you went crazy for cars, the times you laughed your lungs out with your once best friends, the times when anything in pink was exactly what you went to buy, the times when barbies were your students, your first smile, your first step, your first friend, your first car. They are living proof of your love, your adventure, your ignorance of the word ‘lazy’ and your life. The imprints you leave behind so you can revisit the path you took join the dots and smile. They remind you of the ride you thoroughly enjoyed as you look back from the end.
They are the bread to some and a friend to all. They describe beauty better than anything or anyone else. Everyone wants them, wants then big bright and beautiful. They replaced words and autographs. They have always been and will always be the best evidence. They win votes, fans, hearts and ‘likes’. Still trying to guess? Yes, they are photographs. A picture can speak a thousand words; make you feel a thousand emotions, make you want to climb up to the top of a mountain just for a shot, keeps you secure and makes you insane. A picture is belief-that man stepped on the moon, that there is life on mars and that God exists. The memories worth remembering only a picture can capture-that is why they are called picture perfect times.

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