Pathos of Ritualistic thinking

It’s often said that a prolonged or ritualistic practise will not only make one a perfectionist but also make one forget its practical purpose. For example, If we provide milk to a man in large amounts to consume he will eventually not realise its value and he will fail to understand the reason that one needs calcium and fat  content for health but monotonously drink it out of habit.

In the same manner, the various practices in these religions have indeed led to not just a sense of belonging and uniqueness but have given its people a sense of ego and superiority over the others. Yes, in the present scenario, these monotonous and robotic methodologies that make people over look the true reason do have the propensity to become evil. Many a times, people often disregard the human touch in preference to religions/ rituals. What they do not introspect is that every set of rule/ practise is time bound in this highly metamorphosing world. When the rule becomes obsolete, it must be eradicated. This is the point where science plays the big daddy in making the people more rational and open minded and brushes their complacency away. Let us understand with an example.

Communal riots- pathos of religion

Most of the religions are engaged in this particular practise where the men at home aren’t permitted to touch / allow the women of their house into the kitchen when she is experiencing her menstrual cycle. When this practice was introduced, the world was very naive and in the field of healthy living, the people were novices. In such a situation the onus rests in the hands of religious leaders to establish a foundation to make people avoid sexual diseases that might spread if the husband was intimate during her reproductive cycle and to also provide the wife with enough physical rest during her strenuous cycle, which the male mentality will otherwise fail to understand. Now that science has advanced so much and you know the reason, will you tend to a helpless woman who might need some physical massage / sweet talks or completely avoid her presence? While you think about that also ask yourself if you would feed a hungry  destitute/animal  that asks for food at the door or make them wait while you ritualistically offer it to the lord who you fail to see in the living world around!  It is this sense of compassion towards the living beings that has gone missing, making us impetuous beings leading a hasty life.

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