A new status symbol

In June 2006, “Google” ,as a verb, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. If the past few years are any indication, the word  “Facebook” cannot be far behind. I’m sure we’ll More »

Say Cheeeeeezeee !!!

Staring into the morning sky, with the delicious sun making its entrance into the phase of earth, even though a lazy Sunday dawn, there I was standing with my martial arts stick, More »


Amidst the blistering cold and treacherous terrain, two men trudged forward. Their aim? To achieve one the greatest of human endeavors; climb the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. To succeed More »


Dresses shabbily in clothes miles away from the trend or any kind of trend, with thick glasses covering a major portion of the face, eyes deep inside, prominent dark circles, walking with More »

Are we in the Matrix?

Theories of afterlife have fascinated mankind since time immemorial. Afterlife is one of the first fascinations for man and the basis of many faiths and religions. As man has evolved, these theories More »

500 bucks…………. Are you game?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the unbeatable smart phone in the market. Or so they say…Not sure? OK! Let’s play a game. You are blindfolded, and given S4 and S3 in your hands… More »

Practice Makes Perfect - even for Roger Federer

Some geniuses are born. Some geniuses are made. Other geniuses just need a little bit of practice. Roger Federer, although contrary to popular belief, admitted that he fell into the third category. More »


Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face……well, with the craze of the confessions going on now, this statement is proving itself. A new idea started by More »

Conditions Apply

Buy one get one free! 80% discounts on all apparels! Just 30 paise per minute for all STD calls! Sale here sale there, sale sale everywhere!! In the adrenaline rush that we More »


The Magical World of Calvin and Hobbes

<h1>“It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…lets go exploring”</h1> What followed this touching epigraph of Calvin and Hobbes will perhaps never reach the same heights of the comic’s unique amalgamation of fantasy

Appreciating Carnatic music

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not crazy about music. Music is not my heart and soul. I’m just another guy who plugs in his earphones whenever I’m travelling, bored out

More Concerned Than Usual

Over the past two decades there has been a rather irking surge in the amount of paranoia that often pervades around parents. This sociological paradigm has given birth to a plethora of

Who triggered that bomb?

The Americans and Russians took a lot of time to come to their senses. When the atom bomb was dropped on to the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the whole

In loving memory of a beloved ‘mother’ : Sukumari

March 27th 2013. At three in the morning, I had given preference to Facebook over my semester finals. For once I didn’t regret the decision, for if I hadn’t made that choice

Digging a grave abroad

Bewilderment, shock and uneasiness encompass me whenever I hear instances of Indians and mostly Andhra Pradesh students being murdered and targeted abroad. This trend had begun a decade ago and the reasons

Still Developing

Politicians, teachers and your grandparents, everyone talks about how rich a culture India has, how we have a history that dates way back in time. Unfortunately, our mindsets along with our country

Through the ‘looking’ Glass

“ok glass,say hello friend in spanish.” Voila “HOLA AMIGO,” is displayed on the your sun-glasses. Sounds like one of those gadgets in Duck Dodgers? Say hola to the new smart phone, or

The Mystery of the Marree Man

Until that morning the William Creek Hotel only received fax messages from customers who wanted to express their gratitude for their service. Occasionally, there would be those who complained. But this morning

The Discovery of Geoglyphs

Alceu Ranzi was comfortably seated in his private airplane. He was gliding at an altitude of a few thousand feet above his farm in Acre. It was the summer of 1977. Ranzi