Outdated System: The rule and the route you take to it


A small competition to increase social awareness among school children, all we had to do was come up with 40 social issues in the country and surprisingly, it did not take us more than 10 minutes. It somehow gets you thinking if we can do the same thing about the pros of being in the country. Why is it so? Yes, a lot of people have asked this question and have been asking since the beginning of my time, in vain.

The system is corrupted, its polluted, its outdated is what they say. Think about , from the perspective of all those people who came up with the rule of dowry, of a caste system, of a reservation and you will find your answer. If making a constitution took 2 years 11 months and 18 days, the flow of thought and intensity of discussion behind it would have been ten times more than what we can imagine. If the system of division of caste has come up, the experience and penance of a century is behind it. Times have changed and we could change with it, is the most popular counter attack I hear. Unfortunately, we always skip the fine print, the terms and conditions. The terms which are supposed to be kept in mind and the conditions that the rules are subjected to.

Dowry is just what a girl inherits from her family, which reaches a boy probably in the form of land. It is what is given with love and affection, in whatever form the family sees fit- a nose ring, a saree, cuttlery, an heirloom or money. It is just to make her feel independent and comfortable in a new family, because she might not be able to ask for what she wants.

Caste depends solely on your profession and marriage within a caste is just so that it will be easy for the new couple to adjust with each other. A similar kind of mindset is more probable in such a case of similar caste-a matter of simple convenience. Reservation is just for those people who cannot afford education, not studying.

Wrong is not the rule, it’s the route we take to it. Outdated is not the system, its just the way we see it. Change is not the need of the constitution, it’s a need, a desperate one, for the immature, imperfect human mind.

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