On Art

The common notion among the bourgeoisie is that expression and meaning are deeply interwoven. So much so that it would be a near impossibility to define the two without each of these entities even existing. This ideology that is so firmly rooted in the minds of the general populous has largely to do with the evolution of language.

Looking through the eyes of causality and effect, language is a direct result of our need to express danger, the sight of prey, anger, and alertness. Beginning from basic guttural noises to the creation of a complex system of vowels and consonants, and creating a field of study of its own, is an evolutionary marvel in itself that deserves great appraisal, at least for the sake of the inner Narcissus in our species.

Communication is essentially a freedom of the soul as much as it is expression. Yet, the complexity and beauty of communication couldn’t have been fully appreciated had it not been for the development of poetry and the fine arts. The two challenge the institution of direct communication set up by conventionality and have brought with itself an element of allure to even the simple act of speaking.

The ramifications of such refinement brings more intricate forms of thought into light, and such thought require even more complex forms explanation. The human need to draw, to sketch, to illustrate, to paint, and every other stroke of the brush is a long-drawn corollary of language. Once the blatancy of a work of art is taken away, what most are left with is an overused umbrella term abstract art

So, what is this abstract art? Why does it have to be so abstract? More so, what makes it so abstract?

The lack of reason, for one, is a major outcry. In quaint contradiction, abstract art could be “open to interpretation”. Why is it that when one set of people sight no meaning while others sight multiple ones? Maybe, it is not the meaning that matters. Maybe, this reason that we search for is no more universal than any other cultural definition for truth.

The minds of the masses are so inclined to search for so much meaning and so little empathy. Art is a reflection of one person’s struggles and happiness mirroring that of the one who views it. It is not only an expression of language, but that of pure universal consciousness; A footprint of our existence in time. Even the solitary stroke of a paintbrush is the purest expression of feelings.

Art, is essentially, mankind’s ode to existence.


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