Obsessed with your mobile?

Nomophobia – is the scientific term for “fear of being out of mobile phone contact”. It is a state of mental suffering when your phone becomes inactive due to lack of battery, zero balance, and other such technical and general reasons.  Or the term that can be used to describe your condition when you freak out when your phone runs out charge and there is no power outlet nearby to rescue you. Wondering whether there was a Greek or Latin term for mobile? Well the above term is just acronym of “no-mobile phone” phobia. Psychologists say it is a syndrome that can cause severe psychological scarring when not counseled properly. Scary?

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, a necessity. A survey in UK suggests that nearly 54% of its population is nomophobic. A mild fear is not a serious problem. But when people get seriously attached to their phone, it may cause serious affliction. They become anxious, insecure, jittery and desperate to get their phone back ( if they lost it) or activate it (if it becomes inactive).

Quite silly it seems to some at first but all I could tell them is ‘Try Losing Your Phone for a Day’. If you really manage to survive this test without thinking once about those unread messages and missed calls, you truly deserve some appreciation for being immune to nomophobia. You don’t need doctor to diagnose this problem. Nomophobia is prominently visible in all those individuals that use their cell phone to keep in touch with their employees, colleagues, friend and family.

The recent innovations in technology are adding new phobias to an already long list. Well if you are afraid of new technology then its techno phobia for you.

I guess that the next gadget- in- making will make some of us go paranoid about it. (and will have a new phobia named after it).

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