Obamacare or luxurycare?

Obama care- considered by the democrats to be a much needed spell of rain on the dry dusty lands of America’s medical care. It’s expected to reduce both future deficits and Medicare spending in future, through mandates, subsidies and insurance exchanges. Its a major shift from quantity to quality, and is the biggest change seen since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. The republicans stand firmly against the bill, citing the tremendous increase in debt(more than $500 billion) as a major factor. Both parties have their point to make, but is the shutdown, the ultimate stalemate in recent US history worth the fight?
The indecision regarding the budget for 2013-14 has brought this scenario into existence: Without a budget deal approved by both parts of Congress, the House of Representative and the Senate, there’s no legal agreement to pay non-essential staff. Now the army, presidential staff, social security and other ‘essential’ departments will continue functioning. Its the remaining ones, including pentagon officials, park rangers, various office staff who will have to tighten their belts, since they’ve been given an indefinite period unpaid holiday. Both houses have met since trying to come to a consensus, but no such agreement has been made so far.
Though the shutdown is predicted to come to an end soon, the economy has already been hit badly, with up to 300$ million in economic output lost per day. The currency has already lost nearly half a cent against other currencies, and may lose more. While the republicans point to present time losses expected to be be incurred by the government, many applaud the change as being much required support finally given to the middle and lower classes.

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