Noise, Smoke, Competition!

*Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..*   while many of them conclude the muteness to be the cause of the big bang still lingering in the universe , here I am, with my ears closed and struggling to make my shoulders reach my nose to protect myself against the toxic gases. As a child , I loved the jarring noise, the smoke, waft of toxins in the air and ofcourse , bursting my neighbours crackers. Yes, its Diwali time folks. Not that I detest this festival now, it just keeps me wondering about its reliability on global harmony.

*watches dad light the “flower pot” * There go the resplendent  bright sparks, dashing colours of blue, yellow, green and  ……..  *closes his nose*  pollution! . Diwali has transformed over the millennium. From a festival of lights, it has become a festival for environmental damage. People might argue saying it’s an annual occasion of togetherness and its contribution to global pollution ain’t  much. Study shows a thick atmosphere of pollutants over India during this time that encompasses the beautiful light show and pollutes the earth twice as fast.

*burns his finger with the wand cracker* This is not good! Diwali is not a safe festival any longer. People are succumbing to irresponsibility and are driven by their ego with a formula “ more crackers= more noise = better social respect “. As if the noise of an atom bomb - a variety of firework, wasn’t enough, here we are with a “10,000 wala”,” 1,00,000 wala” throwing such a loud tantrum. Cars can’t ply the road, people can’t enjoy errands on foot and that means I really can’t travel down the lane to meet my friend because I really can’t predict which cracker will burst under my foot and leave me temporarily paralyzed, charred and deaf.

*sees my cat run under my bed and frightened* Great! Now we are affecting the ecosystem directly. By engaging in temporary happiness, we fail to see the big picture of being forced to breathe polluted air and chronic deafness due to noise. We are affecting all the birds around * notices none in sight*, the animals don’t move freely and we are invariably investing in digging our own grave.

pollution and safety concerns

Diwali has become a competition with people comparing the size of sweets boxes they exchange, the number of crackers they purchase and a festival where we eventually will face health trouble. Togetherness has changed from a peaceful gathering involving sharing sweets and sweet moments to comparison. Child labour and the risk that these victims face in manufacturing the crackers is a pity and goes unnoticed to the people in general.

Well , here I am with a cat hiding under the bed, dad , mom and sister with their noses closed, jarring noise every minute and the crackers that were made by children like us who are denied childhood and education * closes his nose and walks back inside his room.  Opens the sweet box and savours * did I forget something???? *pops his eyes out* rushes to the wash basin for a strict ablution!!!!

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A Smart-handsome-witty-fluent-sportive-optimistic-kind hearted- reliable- responsible- friendly- spiritual- theist - humorous - fun loving- ailurophile - agile- creative - open minded - multifaceted - out going- proactive - simple , 2nd year student of NIT-Trichy.