Narendra Modi vs. Rahul Gandhi: Battle for India Inc.

The decision of choosing the face of the nation is in question today. A complete secularist or the perceived to be communist? The young energy or the unmatched experience? The abhaya hasta or the flowers of enlightenment? Congress’s prince or Gujarat’s king? Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi? Both of them are right now in a perpetual cold war to win over India Inc., to become the new star in the political horizon of India.

Though he entered the political scenario of India recently, he has tried to give the India Inc. an insight into his vision. Rahul Gandhi presented a bold and systematic road-map for the future of this country . Defying  the conventional mindset he tried to say that there is not going to be a Lord Ram coming out of nowhere and making a Ram Rajya. Only the combined effort of all the citizens, especially youth, of India that will make our path to progress. He boldly pointed out that we need to add a social dimension to economic policy, we need to ensure that technology and industrial development reaches and benefits the lower class of the society. He is trying to prove the necessity “to wipe every tear from every eye” to see a bright future.

Rahul Gandhi vs. Narendra Modi

On the other hand, Narendra Modi has time and again proven to India Inc. his aptitude and expertise in business. Today his team is working night and day to give companies perfect packages. The biggest of the industrialists have showered him with appreciation and called him a visionary and his statement that “it is in our hands to make the world our market or to be the market of the world” proves that he is truly a man with a vision unlike Rahul Gandhi who hasn’t yet proven himself or been given an opportunity to do so. Modi believes that technology has taken a step ahead of us and that the youth have changed the way India is perceived. He does not make shallow typical politician promises and manifestos but makes sure the promises are kept, demands are met and growth is progressed. I’m sure the working women of Gujarat, the little school going girls, the workers at the Hitachi plant and the urbanized state of Gujarat will agree with me.

The criterion of better experience in the ‘resume’ of a Prime Ministerial candidate is not given the importance it is without substantial reason. While a Rahul  Gandhi can present an efficient roadmap we need the judgment of a Narendra Modi which comes only through experience. Rahul Gandhi may or may not prove to be better than Narendra Modi as PM, but India is not in a position to put the highest responsibility and power in a democracy, into the hands of the handsome Prince who just came riding, and give him a chance to gain experience with the nations development at stake.

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