Music: Changing The World, One Chord At A Time

A tune can be the most powerful cohesive force. Songs are not only a form of expression for individuals and groups but influence their audience to great extents (for better or worse). Songs have come and gone, but those that shaped society have resonated for a long time. Here I’m not referring to your cheap Internet memes and gimmicks that have become a hit in the 21st century, but societal anthems of the yesteryears.

A classic example of this case is the British Invasion. There was no time better for a cultural revolution than the 1960’s. World War II had just completed and telecommunication was expanding rapidly. You could say that fortune favoured The Beatles in this regard as they took the World by storm. The Fab Four left no part of the world untouched, carrying their bandwagon to the USA, USSR and even landing on the shores of India.

The Beatles

Back In The USSR

Some historians believe that rather than missiles and diplomacy, The Beatles eased the Cold War. Beatlemania, though frowned upon by the Soviet authorities found its way into the USSR.  They changed the way people looked, dressed and talked. Quoting Artemy Troitsky, a Russian Cultural Commentator: “The Beatles turned tens of millions of Soviet youngsters to another religion. They alienated a whole generation from their Communist motherland”

Another example worth mentioning is John Lennon’s own ‘Imagine’. Lennon’s ideas for a utopia were expressed in tune for the first time, inciting varied reactions from the world. It soon grew to be a unified call for peace and love in a world facing troubled times.

One of the most popular protest songs was however, Bob Dylans ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’. The lyrical content and rhetoric of the song struck a chord with the youth and oppressed of the generation. Although the song was written way back in 1963, the refrain of ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ was found to be used by protesters even in the Iraqi War.

As aptly put by Victor Hugo- ‘Music expressed that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent’

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

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