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“You are a real hero”, said the famous Canada’s hockey player Darryl Sittler. It was said to Terry Fox, a marathon of hope.

A small flash back about him.                                                                                                                                                                                                          He was a man of many talents. Rugby, football, baseball, diving are the places where his foot had stepped. His only aim was to achieve a gold medal in Olympics. But it became a dream by the age of 18. By an accident, he was asked to take rest. Later the doctors found that he was affected by cancer in his knee. Doctors were forced to amputate his leg a few centimetres above his knee, so that he can live. But for anyone in such fields, their leg is their life. But it was done, for their parents

He learnt many things about the cancer by that duration and found the lack of fund for the research to find a cure for it. He decided to collect money for this pure cause. His plan was to run from Atlantic ocean to pacific ocean which covers a greater distance. On the whole it was about 8,000 kilometres. So this would attract many people and thus can collect a good sum for the cancer research.

He started the marathon and it was named “marathon of hope”. He did this with his artificial leg. After running 5,373 kilometres, it was not his faith that was shattered but his body had lost its spirit. Now it was not his legs that was a problem but his heart. A bouts of cough was changed to a pain in his chest. At last, he was admitted in a hospital and the marathon of hope came to an abrupt end. The soul reached heaven without even celebrating its 23rd birthday that was nearing. He had not spent his days for himself or his family but for the cancer patients who are suffering.

His goal was to collect $1 from each citizen of Canada. But his body faced its death, without fulfilling his soul’s interest. Still the fund was collected, and the amount was incredible. He raised $24 million for cancer research. This shows his success even after his death. His body might have died but his spirit, his soul and his fame will not die, until this universe attains death. He is a real hero and a man with “mountain of hope”

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