Looking Up and Living Up

65 years ago around this time, we declared ourselves to be more than just technically independent from colonial rule. Some of the greatest minds of our country successfully drafted a set of principles for sustainable governance of a democratic nation. Basically, the people we looked up to, set a standard for us to live up to.

With the words “Aam Aadmi” being the most trending topic these days, let’s take a closer look at the sudden increase in respect for broomsticks and khaki caps. There they were, in the second page of second page of “The Hindu” quietly contesting and gaining some support. They were looking up to the position of ultimate power and here they are, making headlines every single day. Probably in a position they did not see themselves attain in such a flash. Suddenly their position on the fragile see saw that needs to be kept in balance is swapped. They are being looked up to now, and they have an expectation to live up to.

What is setting an example? Why is it always simpler to follow?

The former President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was a man who took blame for his team’s failure but gave credit to his team at the time of success. It probably takes that kind of a mindset to be able to understand the meaning of the term “responsibility”. Steve Jobs stuck to his principles even in times of crisis and saved the Apple from the brink of disaster, it takes a brave heart to defy popular opinion and “live up” to what you want to be and what you want your team to see you as. Living up, not to fill someone’s shoes, but to fill that void which you saw as you looked up from the bottom, to portray your idea of perfection.

“We all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks but the leisure of our daily work” said Neil Armstrong. People look up to you in those moments of leisure. It is those small moments that made good men extraordinary leaders. Looking up is just a start, living up to yourself is what has the capability to outlive you.

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