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“Art lies in concealing art”.

“Art is long and time is fleeting”.

These are the famous quotes on art. It is the indispensable piece of work or act that gives the pleasure to people. They should not alone contain imagination but also an idea that stitches the heart of the viewers. Simple, informative, and creative are the best characteristics that an art can have. It has different forms – painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama and the list starts.  One form which is quite interesting is “lithography”- printing technology.

In ancient days, the printing is done by the method of lithography with a stone or metal plate which has the smooth surface.  The principle behind this, is the relative density between oil and water. The simple concept that oil floats on water. Thus, lithography was used to print artwork or text onto the paper or suitable material by this principle.

The image was drawn on a smooth limestone plate and was treated with a mixture of acid and gum Arabic, etching the portions of stone. These were moistened and an oil based ink was applied. Since, they repel each other, the ink would be transferred to paper or suitable material. Thus, the printing is done on the paper.

It is interesting that a small concept has it’s application on printing. Now, the way printing  is done, is different . But still ancient printing method is marvellous. As stated earlier the art is long and the time is fleeting , and especially the lithographic paintings has its own influence on the people. It can only be felt and it is hard to explain.” Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life ” ,it is the famous quote by the legendary artist “Pablo Picaso”.  Thus the speciality of the art “begins”.

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