Let them keep telling you what to do…

‘Don’t let yourself be trapped by dogma which is living with the result of other people’s thinking’
- Steve Jobs.
‘Dogma’: Wikipedia defines it as a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.
And ‘dogma’ decides who we are, and what we should be from the day the nurse hands you over to your mother.

From the day we were born the baby boys were dressed in beautiful blue and the girls in pretty pink. And on birthdays every Aunt Muriel and Uncle Tom, gets your brother a toy car and your sister a Barbie doll,you don’t question why.

Shakespeare says ‘All the world’s a stage; men are merely players.’ This is how the script of your life goes:

You start going to school and your dad promises a new cycle for an A grade in math. From then on you take to the habit doing your homework for every new video game your parents promised.

One day your parents run into your old neighbor Mrs.Smith at the mall. Your parents strike up a conversation which takes a sudden turn from her Gucci handbag her son gifted her to her elder daughter’s perfect GMAT scores. And when the endless conversation does end and you go home, your parents start a word by word replay of it for you complete with annotations, and you wonder how a harmless handbag could cause all the uproar.

A few years later, after your parents have successfully talked you out of joining a drama school or studying literature, you spend the last two years of high school pouring over mathematical formulas, chemical equations and Newtonian physics and manage to enroll at the best engineering college in your locality. You expect this to be the happy ending, but the talk-of-the-town is the Harvard acceptance letter of some son of your third-cousin- twice removed. You realize the battle is not over; apparently the brother of this son of the the third-cousin-twice-removed has got a job offering from Microsoft, and now your parents are talking about your job.
You roller-coaster your way through four years of college and another three years of post graduation, learning marketing. The logicality of your post graduate degree is never clear to you, but you play along with the social trend. Your relatives are already talking about how you haven’t settled, so ………..

I have come this far. The rest is for you to fill up.

P.S. Or do you want to tear up the script, and write one on your own?

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