ITTF STIGA Trick Shot - Ganapathi Subramanian

The International Table Tennis Federation ( ITTF) is set in search of the world’s best table tennis trick shot. The ITTF STIGA Trick Shot Showdown, challenges Table tennis enthusiasts around the world to send in their best ever table tennis trick shot to prove to the world they have the best trick shot in the world. The 2014 showdown promises to be the best ever. In addition to the prestigious title of owning the world’s best table tennis trick shot, the winner will also walk away with US$4,000, , one-year STIGA Sponsorship, and a 4 day 3 night trip to the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in Bangkok, Thailand to meet top table tennis stars.

R. Ganapathi Subramanian, a third year student of NIT Trichy, whirls in his trick as the only entry from India. A blind folded back service to hit a small target that falls as the dot placed upon i in “STiGA”. The trick is performed with all its elegance and tint. Watching him blindfold himself at the start of the trick, in a place away from the TT table, makes the trick interesting and obviously more challenging. To blind fold oneself and yet manage to hit from the right spot is great talent and relentless practice. It is jaw dropping as one watches the ball tip-tap and turn around before it bounce across the net. And it is amazing as the ball skims the coin on its path. To see the coin fall to complete the dot on ‘i’ in “STiGA” is pure elegance.

“A trick that completes STIGA” it can be called.

Being the only participant from India in this international level competition, Ganapathi Subramanian stands taller among other participants and his trick needs encouragement. To watch him perform click here.

Having won the third maximum views online, Ganapathi Subramanian has made it to the finals of this prestigious competition. Fighting among other top 5, this only Indian participant has made the world look upon Indian Table Tennis. Fueled purely by his passion for Table Tennis, Ganapathi Subramanian has steered his way to the finals. The finalist is chosen on a vote basis. To vote for Ganapathi Subramanian click here. For the Indian spirit in you, follow and vote for him.

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