It’s a Living Thing!

Sometimes I wonder how my room-mate can hear such jarring rock-bands. Those thick black plastic Beats head phones have literally become a part of his body. It has no doubt made him a less social person ( a very less interactive with me to be frank).  Is this the power of music? Does it teleport you to a completely different world that you become oblivious to everyone and everything?

India is a primitive nation with regard to technology but not music, culture and religion. With great and eminent poets, India is still known for courts men like Tansen who could either cause rain or heat with his singing. The simple explanation to this is the vibrations of air that the frequencies of a raga can cause. This invited the rain or produced heat in the case of Tansen in Akbhar’s court. M.S Subbalakshmi, our late Carnatic music pioneer is also known for the miracles that weave around during her concerts.  At a concert in the temples one evening, the bells in the temple automatically begun to ring . Goosebumps yet? Well, music from India is also closely connected to the divine. Poets like Annamacharya from Tirupathi, Tulasai Das for his Hanuman Chalisa are just a few examples of people who dedicated their life to the creator.

Joy of music knows no bounds. Citing a few examples from western culture, we have our most entertaining late Michael Jackson. During his performance people are known to go into a trance! There have been several victims to this most of them being women!  He was able to make their minds stress free! Be it the jarring rocks songs my roommate listens to even as he is studying ( God only knows how) or melodies by Mika or instrumentals by Yanni , there seems to be one thing in common. People enjoy!

To be conclusive , all that I can possibly say about music is the power it has to either help to bring your spirits up high or literally take  your spirits up and away , if you carelessly walk on the roadside with heavy music. Music has cured people, relieved stress, helped take chances, enjoy nonsense, gave advice. Overall , music is a capricious companion indeed. Use it well. * Switches to the next song on his IPod for the next unfinished article*.

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