i-sland or our-land?

I was walking towards the Aavin store in my campus . The sunlight Shimmering down and demanding a refreshing cold milk. All was going well as I sipped my chocolate milk till my senior approached and said our college would be “closed Indefinitely”. Well it took me quite some time to digest the fact. My sudden enthusiasm over cancelled classes was replaced by deep sorrow and disappointment. The government of Tamil Nadu needed students to render their support against the Sri Lankan government’s ill treatment of native Tamilians.

Tamilians suffer in Sri Lanka

Ever since civil war of 2009 with the LLTE, the political situation and the safety of the Lankan Tamilians has been on boisterous waters. The Tamilians who continue to be a minority in the country seem be victims of homicides. Its almost similar to racial discrimination that the Indians faced in Australia a year ago. As the USA began to take interest in the unrest in Sri Lanka and the unfair government policies against minority through UNHRC , India seems to have a deaf year to this issue.

Even though the DMK and AIADMK , the major leading parities Tamil Nadu have pressed the central government to show some interest in this sensitive issue where our own citizens are being killed in our trusted neighbouring country, the central government hasn’t taken any steps hitherto. Infuriated over the lack of interest displayed , DMK chief, Karunanidhi has threatened to pull out his ministers from the UPA . The government of Tamil Nadu has also closed down around 550 colleges as a sign of support for this issue. But what they don’t realize is that they are affecting the career of atleast 4,40,000 (550X800) students with this “indefinite “closure. I always believed that this country will never learn through protests. I say this because there have been atleast 7 high lightened rape cases in the past 3 months and none of them men seemed to have learnt a lesson as yet!

Its only in a country like India that the Intervention of politics in education in possible. What the government hardly realises is that they are affecting the system of education by this unanimous decision. There are always better solutions. Think a million times before your ruffled blood indecisively forces you to pick up the dagger. A pen is lighter ,but stronger.

I was probably thinking too deep , yet thinking right I knew. Even if the Tamil Nadu government denies , they have affected the educational system for an entire generation to come.! I just couldn’t believe what was going on, neither I could believe I was behaving matured . !

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