Iron lady completes Mission

Sitting down with the newspaper on a hot summer morning, it shocked me to notice an entire page in The Times of India dedicated to Margaret Thatcher. I did know much about her but here was what I learnt after her demise recently.

She is proud to be recognised across the world as the first woman prime minister. Her astute nature and dignity have brought several feathers to her cap. She was influential in restoring the moribund economy of the UK. Her reforms and approach set as an inspiration to all politicians across the globe.

Margaret Thatcher

She had visitors like Rajiv Gandhi, along with his wife Sonia Gandhi, who were cordially invited for a supper at Downing Street in October 1985. The highlight of this meet included discussions on Terrorism Act and she was completely in awe and praised our former prime minister regarding the success of Green Revolution . Apparently India’s Green revolution was also responsible for reviving Ethiopia from its Famines.

Back home Thatcher was a tough and strict politician. She was strong with her opinions and never differed. She was successful in breaking the power of the labour unions in displaying loyalty only towards national industries and heeded them to yearn for free markets. It was also during her regime that China’s economy grew when Britain acquiesced to hand over Hong Kong in 1997 and hence playing a key role in the relationship between these countries. For people who knew her personally, Thatcher was a very witty and humour in nature and was known to crack jokes with an impassive grimace.

Well, I rarely see woman so actively displaying courage and also being a part of global harmony. With Prathibha Patel not living upto the expectations of Indians as a President, it does not stop me from accepting “Iron Lady “ as her sobriquet.  In the era of Robert Downey’s Iron man , all I can say is that the world will still miss the Iron Lady.


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