Internet Explorer Gets an ‘E’ grade

Being a tech junkie, I try to be at the top of everything, upgrading software to the latest version. So like every other geek, I upgraded my web browser to internet explorer 6 in 2000. It was love at first sight. IE6 was everything Netscape couldn’t be; it ran CSS and Java scripts. I could access internet only with a few occasional hiccups. I hardly ever bothered switching to Webkit or Mozilla Firefox. But the romance started fading once the world started getting into advanced web development. After years of herculean labor, my OS couldn’t run multiple IE windows anymore, and every time I tried to do so my CPU gave a loud exasperated sigh and crashed.
And then Microsoft released IE7. Surely there was nothing Bill Gates and his team of geeks couldn’t fix.

Internet Explorer: The browser we love to hate

Sure enough IE7 had tabbed browsing, which made my RAM a lot happier. But what Gates and his geeks, (let’s call them that) didn’t mention was that if one tab crashed it would cause a miniature chain nuclear reaction; in other words the entire window would crash, which upset the other IE windows causing them to crash, which wasn’t taken off lightly by my operating system which decided it was best to reboot and delete every bit of unsaved data I had.
So then Gates and his geeks released their ‘new’ Internet Explorer. Their tagline was pretty convincing: “No chain nuclear reactions!! Upgrade to latest Microsoft Internet Explorer 8!!Best Web Browser EVER!”


Why we hate IE

And they did have me convinced, till I opened a Youtube video. Youtube, now part of ‘Team Google’, greeted me with a big red rectangular smiley face that wasn’t smiling. “You require flash player to view this video.” So I downloaded Abode Flash Player with patience, two hours of my nap time and an outdated web browser, and returned to Youtube. Now the not so smiling smiley face said:”You require plugins to view this video. Install them now?” Having no more patience or nap time to spare, I switched over to Facebook. The social networking site was kinder,Mark Zuckerburg’s nerds kindly informed me: “Your browser is DEPRECATED. That’s right D-E-P-R-E-C-A-T-E-D, deprecated. Your browser does not support HTML5.” I wasn’t sure what deprecated meant, so I googled it. Google’s web search was overjoyed to inform me: “Deprecated means.. outdated, old fashioned, not in existence. Example: Internet Explorer 8 is deprecated, while Internet Explorer 7 is ancient history.”
Tired of this cat and mouse chase, I called on my neighbour’s 12 year old for ‘expert help’, who installed Google Chrome in my computer by the time I made a cup of coffee. The kid was wearing an “ ‘E’ grade for Internet Explorer” tshirt. After all it’s “the browser we love to hate”!!

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