Indian Cinema: The glam sham

The man who proved to the world that a second innings is possible at 50, the only man who can manage to get 5,941,176 likes for his Facebook page, the “coolest” 71 year old you can be with, infact, kill to be with, the man who changed the face of the biggest form of entertainment in this country and took it to a whole new level Amitabh Bacchan has celebrated his “Big” birthday this month. This got me thinking about Indian cinema, what it was and what it has become.

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Till yesterday, a movie is where people saw heaven, a robot, a time machine, a great step or a catchy beat. Today, with so many other sources of information and innovation, it takes a lot to sit through 3 hours of absurdity. It’s not “wow” anymore when a hero comes and beats the guts out of the villain despite the very much visible difference in their personalities. Gone are the days when we will believe that a robot can come down and fall in love with a girl. An anime about a panda is still enjoyed but the same panda walking into real world and dancing with the hero is not exactly funny any longer.

A serious movie is taken seriously until the hero falls in love with a random girl, yet again. A social movie is accepted atleast by a certain section of society. A movie at the end of the day, should leave the audience on a happy note or leave them thinking, thinking of what the movie was meant to convey and not why-did-he-waste-his-money thoughts.

Indian cinema has come a long way, has seen the likes and hates, comments and compliments, love and loath of generations. All these factors should not affect the quality of a film cause a blockbuster cannot be cloned, copied or made, they just happen.


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