Hyperloop-the-loop into the future

Imagine yourself walking into a capsule – a floating capsule which you share with a group akin to how you travel in a bus. A capsule which looks like this:

As the clock ticks to departure time, your capsule begins to drift into a room which seals itself after entry. Suddenly the room begins to decompress while your capsule pressurizes itself for the imminent trip. As the countdown nears zero, you brace yourself. Suddenly, you get shot into a tube at 350 miles per hour. Welcome to the trip into the future, and the future is the Hyperloop.

As you shoot across the country, you marvel at the miracle of high speed travel which was only a dream for your parents ages ago. The brainchild of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, this invention truly reflects the genius of the man after whom the company is named after. A giant railgun shoots you into the tube like a bullet from a pistol at an extremely high speed. While the capsule itself doesn’t give you any idea of how fast you’re going, what you know about the technology is the air which used to block your dad’s car is virtually non-existent in the tubes that now criss-cross the terrain you travel on. The electromagnetic pylons that surround the tubes keep you suspended. The tubes are so long that they now stretch across continents.

An hour has passed and a young girl sitting behind you with her mother begins to ask “Are we there yet?”. The capsule gives her a reply by slowing into a halt. The capsule enters a room similar to the one which it had left an hour ago. You hear the sound of decompression and the vacuum being filled with fresh air. After a minute, the capsule opens up and you step out and enter your destination. You have reached the future and the Hyperloop trip to it was magnificent.


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Rishi Rajasekaran

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