A take on the Hindu Mythology- The Mahabharata

The Mahabharata- the great Indian Epic, the all-encompassing tale with a plethora of perceptions under its name, is considered to be on par with the four Great Vedas. The fable that is said to have taken place in the Dwapar Yuga, the time with half virtue and half evil, unveils a deeper and greater meaning as we delve into its secrets.

Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu emerged on the Earth free from the chains of being a fair, just, humble King Rama was (His seventh incarnation). He was a crafty idol who found an answer that satisfied the situation and manipulated the minds. Such was the necessity of the time with Evil prevalent in the world like never before. In this light, I point to the flaws of each Pandava and their wife Draupadi and how they were human after all, and not any better than their supposedly darker side of the family- The Kauravas.

The Pandavas Road to Hell.


No, I’m not making up a fictitious story to suit my argument and sending the Oh-so-righteous Pandavas to hell on the way. It is a true but not quiet known fact that the Pandavas went to Hell while the Kauravas reached the abode of heaven safely.

King Kuru, the great ancestor of the Kauravas and Pandavas ploughed the fields of the Kurukshetra and spent his heart and soul into energizing the land. The mightily impressed Devas granted him a wish. Every warrior who dies fighting on the battlefield will reach Heaven, they declared according to his request. That explains the part of the Kauravas going to Heaven.

The five heroes of the Epic along with their wife began their ascent to Mount Meru and on after the other fell off the cliff into the arms of death and thus, Hell. Draupadi led the way. She preferred Arjuna over the other Pandavas, a believable and acceptable sin. What is worse is that she secretly desired Karna which increased double fold after her knowledge of his Kshatriya lineage.

She was followed by Sahadeva for his pride in his knowledge and Nakula for his narcissism. (The two brother’s whose activities are not very well known to us owing to the dominance of their step mother. More on this, later)

Then comes Arjuna, the man had the unforgivable feelings of envy, the want to destroy anything more of a master than him and a pride in his charm to even forget the names of his wives. Bhima went next as he was, subtly putting it, a glutton.

The one person who is the reason behind all the misery, Yudishtira, reached heaven only with his baggage of being technically right. God Himself (Krishna) agreed to face death in the hands of a petty archer and Dharmaraj was forgiven for his obsession with gambling and using his wife and brothers as stake.

Not an equation that balances. This just proves the fact that Good and Evil were just marked by a powerful, clever God to restore peace in the chaotic world. The reasons were just made to justify to the ignorant but the plan is understood only when seen from the larger picture and not under a microscope. Just like we assume a few constants, ignore a few minute deviations and errors, and approximate in the most probable region to reach the destination.

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