Have you sinned? Take 1

Sin. A three letter, monosyllabic word with profound implications. A word people often tend to avoid. Yet, a word so ubiquitous, people tend to forget its origins. Not the etymological one, we are talking about the conceptual origin here. The Fish Bowl Network presents, over a series of posts, a rendezvous with Adam and Eve-the story of how the concept of that three letter word began. But there’s a catch. What if the rendezvous were to occur now? How have the things changed from the past-the start? Read on.

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(Thunderous applause)

(Pre-recorded Musical Intro) Speaker: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to This was your legacy!! The show where your opinions are as important as the aptitude round on a beauty pageant. Tonight on the show our very first guest (quite literally) is none other than Adam!

To those of you who don’t know Adam, He was the first man - Yes, Ladies and gentlemen – the very first man on earth. Please join me in welcoming him!


Host: Hello and welcome to the show Adam. It’s really good to have you here.

Adam: Thank you. Thank you. It’s really good to be here.

H: So I’m going to get straight to the point here. I’m pretty sure each one of us here wants to know one and only one thing. The Creation, Garden of Eden, the Terran Mission – Whatever you call it. Do explain to us about it.

A: Well, it’s not much of a secret actually. Each of you follow some or the other religion. Well in each there exists a creation myth. Put together all of those and you get the Terran Mission. The mission that each and every human on the earth has signed up for. To be born, live, populate and eventually die on this planet. Some say God has cursed us to do this, while others believe this to be the real motive in one’s life.

H: You speak of religion… I personally am an atheist. So what does the “Mission” have to do with me?

A: As long as you are on earth, you will always follow one religion. Humanity. So irrespective of whether you believe in a superior power or no, you still hold the power to make a difference. If not in other’s lives; then at least in yours. That’s what the Terran mission would mean to you.

H: Wonderful! That’s a good way to look at things. Before we call our next guest on stage, do you mind answering some of the Audience’s questions?

A: Not at all. Please, go ahead.

H: Well here’s one: What do you feel about the overall success of the Terran mission, as you call it?

A: That’s a tricky one. On the outer look of things you could say that the Terran Mission cannot fail; because all it involves is humans being born again and again on earth. But what it also implies is that humans in their desire to survive must not drive other species to extinction. On that note, I’d say the Terran mission is a failure waiting to happen.

H: Now wait a moment. How can you brand us a failure?

A: I never said any of you was a failure…

H: But by saying that the Terran mission is a failure waiting to happen, means that it will fail if not because of us but then because of our children doesn’t it?

A: If you put it like that, then yes. Yes, I blame the human race for what you have made earth today. If you continue this practice unstopped your children will not have an earth to live in.

H: Don’t you think that’s a bit rich coming from the very people who caused the first blunder? Have you forgotten about the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden?

A: Uhh… Umm..

(Before Adam can answer)H: I think we need to take a commercial break. We’ll be right back after a word with our sponsors. After the break, Adam answers the million dollar question. And, Who is the mysterious second guest?

(Break music – Think of Any addictive humming music)

H: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Now, Adam we have a special guest today. Any guesses?

A: Evie!!

H: That’s right! Please welcome Eve!

Eve: Thank you very much. Now, I was backstage and couldn’t help overhearing. I would like to answer the question you asked Adam.

H: Very well. Please go ahead.

E: Yes. We were the ones who made the first blunder. I take full responsibility. But as our children, can any of you do that? Can any of you take responsibility for your actions? Don’t you always blame fate, God, luck or something else for your mistakes?

H: It’s not like you were ideal role models… What we are today is largely based on the mistakes you committed in your life. You cannot blame US for committing mistakes when you yourselves have made blunders.

E: This may seem direct and blunt, but, are your parents alive?

H: Yes and they are well, Thank you for asking.

E: I’m sure that in case of a tragedy, you will be the inheritor of their life’s worth of efforts?

H: Yes I will. But please get to the point.

E: If you can inherit their profits, then it’s your duty to inherit their losses too. We may have committed mistakes, but we didn’t want you to do the same. That’s why we called them blunders and had books written about it. We unknowingly made errors in our life. But you, knowingly so have been doing so for a very long time now. But, do not worry. There is still hope. After all, you are at a better position than we were so long ago.

H: I get your point. So what do you have to suggest for us to improve our earth?

A: Start by accepting all the mistakes you have committed. Only after acceptance comes repentance. After this comes the healing. Take responsibility. Not just for yourself. For your family, home, neighbourhood and the country. Then, finally the Terran mission will be a success.

E: I couldn’t agree more.

H: Thank you Adam and Eve for showing us where we were going wrong. Goodbye and Goodnight!

A & E: Goodnight everybody! Live long and prosper! (Adam and Eve exit the stage) H: Well that was an interesting turn of events wasn’t it?

Police: Ladies and Gentlemen! Be calm and stay in your seats!

H: What is the meaning of this officer?

Police: We had got information that two fugitives were here some time ago. They are asylum escapees and consider themselves to be Adam and Eve. Have they been here?

Now, that – just makes you wonder doesn’t it?

-Kapil Aiyer

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