Have You Sinned? Take 2

Here comes our second post on tete-e-tete with Adam and Eve. For more Art of Start articles, tune in to our bimonthly magazine FURORE.

Me: So what happened out there Eve?

Eve: The Serpent Satan, convinced me so well to eat the fruit of knowledge, God forbid me though!

Me: If you were forbidden, what made you eat it? What did the Satan convince you with?

Eve: Three reasons, not one! Curiosity to experience something new, want of knowledge and the aspiration for ultimate power, God like. It was His idea of creation you see, put this within us, make it innate, for only after tasting the fruit I knew what was right and wrong, but the qualities were well within me before I bit it!

Me: A very smart God indeed, what did he do next?

Eve: He banished us from the Garden of Eden and laid upon each of us a curse, I would have to subject to Adam, crave for his attention and if I do give birth to a child, it would be very painful experience.

Me: You got lucky, Adam?

Adam: Nope! I bit the fruit by then! I have to toil, work hard labor in order to support my family, whereby I will be unable to give all the love and attention Eve deserves.

Me: The past has been done with! Have you read the papers on changing trends in electoral politics?
Adam: Here are people ready to lie, attract and convince a large mass of public. They are thirsty for Power, greedy for money. Just the way Serpent seduced Eve!

Eve: Oh Adam! Why would you remind me! I shudder to think back of that memory.

Adam: Where could we run with it? There was once a difference between Serpent and Eve, but today, no more it is. There are people always hungry for power, just like Eve, but within them also lies the serpent that is ready to use the silkiest of voice to get what they need. They want the Ultimate power.

Me: Hmm.. an interesting observation indeed Adam! But don’t you see the development that has been brought to this world since then?

Adam: Oh yes, Concrete Jungles-

Eve: I miss Garden of Eden. Animals, we named first and held as companions are no more friends. It is a different life for the animals and a different one for humans. Curiosity and want drew man to today’s development. Just what pulled me to the fruit.

Adam: You call development of what? Look at this house here, the man works hard all day, just as cursed, but then his earnings are to himself and his drinking. His wife gets little of anything apart from his beating, so does each of his offspring.

Eve: Perhaps the adjacent is better. Here is yet another Man and Woman. The Man did not beat the Woman; neither would he beat his Daughter. He would only say and they would obey. Neither the woman knew how to read, nor her daughter. Where is your development?

It was dusk, the vermilion fast disappearing into the violet of a grape with the darkness spreading. I watched the children play and the adults walk. They were happy that there still is a place where people were genuinely happy. Just as the last of the sun rays were seeped by the twinkling stars, I noticed all of a sudden, that the only people in the park where men and boys. Not a sight of a girl or woman.

Adam: Why did all the girls leave?

Eve: I guess it’s because it’s dark?

Adam: Yes, so?

Me: A foolish couple called Adam and Eve ate the fruit of good and bad. So we all know what is good and bad, thus we do it all bad. This God also cursed that a woman is under the subjection of man, thus man takes it as his right, to harass her in all ways possible. Thus, the women go back to a safer place at dark. They move into a darkness called light and never learn what the world is like in the dark. Not due to fear of Serpent or the dark, but a Satan called man.

With that, I quit the voices in my head and got up and walked away from that bench.

Today, very few things have changed since, Garden of Eden.

What started then as a myth, is true till today.

The innate nature will never change. This is the art of start.

-N D Deepak


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