Happy to help??

Six whole months of bad mess food, sleepless nights, exams, power cuts and water shortages, I was to more than glad to see the bus waiting to take me home. Super excited as I was started making plans to meet up old friends, sending happy texts to the world that I was on my way back.

We crossed the border and the air of my state I could feel (total crazy hallucination in those crazy times). “officially entered” I typed, which was my 20th update in the past 5 hours to all my friends and I hit send all(not more than 3 of them cause only 100 messages per day remember??). AND BOOM!!! My phone started beeping and beeping like a UPS out of power, like Raghu’s words on roadies and I was beyond perplexed. It took me more than a minute to get out of my going home happiness and realize that 1.5 rupees were being taken away from my pocket for every message!! To “go for it” and “express yourself” is clearly not cheap!

Happy to Help

My balance levels go into negatives(yes, that happens with Vodafone) I can’t take a call either. That was when I appreciated myself for paying a 125 rupees for the internet pack. Well,I dint realize that I would meet another disappointment and a slap on the face. It turns out you need to have cash on your phone to use “pocket internet” inspite of internet balance. I got ready to listen to my mom yell at me for being so careless and not having the minimum common sense of having some balance on my phone(all this through my friends phone)!

The whole concept of roaming charges is insane, especially when we boast of unity in diversity! There was a sudden ray of hope that the roaming charges will be lifted but that just turned out to be on 3G roaming. Well, when will the normal roaming be taken away? Or when will the government begin to think of it I have “No Idea!”. It may be a source of profits and a necessity in our country but it sure is irritating as hell, especially with the new rule that any sim card not in use for more than 90 days will be blocked.The rate at which mobile network companies are looting us we would break all the conventional”relationship” jokes and spend the entire pocket money on mobile recharges!!


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