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On December 26, 2013
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Disney's new movie Frozen is rated as the best Disney movie in the renaissance era. With stunning visuals and a good story line, it has certainly done much better than other Disney movies in the recent past. But Frozen has its own flaws, which restrict it from being one of the best animation movies in recent times.

The Walt Disney Animation Company placed huge expectations on their Christmas 2013 flick, “Frozen”. The objectives for the Disney family was clear. They needed to produce a film which showed the class that the company possessed in the 20th century with films like Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood and Lion King. That class, unfortunately has degraded over the years, handing Disney the tag of being ‘just another competitor in the market’.

Frozen has not managed to remove that tag. However, it has exhibited some fine aspects of animated movie making that manages to gives us a glimpse of what Disney can potentially be.

The visuals are mind-blowing. It has been quite some time since Disney produced these kinds of visuals in their films. For the past few years, Dreamworks Entertainment has put itself in the limelight by producing some stunning visuals in the Shrek series and the Kung Fu Panda series. The quality of Frozen’s visuals matched that level. But Disney will know what the challenge will be to sustain that quality for long periods of time, something quite difficult for a dying animation company. The song ‘Let it Go’ is particularly impressive.

The storyline is decent. It entertains all kinds of audiences without leaving them bored at any point in the 108-minut ride. However, the concept of having two princesses with parents who pass away in their childhood is too cliché. Disney has adopted such characters for a very long time indeed.

Frozen - Disney Animation's Christmas release

Frozen - Disney Animation’s Christmas release

The film runs through as a musical with plenty of typical Disney style songs from the beginning to the end. With that kind of music to go with a story that revolves around two princesses, one would imagine that Frozen is a movie meant only for young girls. But that cannot be farther from the truth. Frozen captivates audiences of all age groups. More importantly, it is a treat for animation film lovers.

Frozen may not have had the bite to pull Disney out of the hole. But it certainly has kept Disney where it was – hanging on a thread. Frozen strengthens Disney’s position in the market. With the next film releasing a year later, we will have to wait to see how long that thread can hold on.



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