Friend or Foe?

The two term prime minister of Britain, Benjamin Disraeli once said “Fear makes us feel our humanity “.  When I stumbled upon his quote in my prime, I hardly believed I understood what he had to convey. As children, we are always fun loving, care free and our parents bear the brunt of our tantrums. They pep our spirits up and save our day most of the time.

It’s when you slowly start growing older that your fears transcend from simple concepts like the dark/ class teacher/ principal to life/family/friends/opportunities/love. My life so far had several twists and turns, it has always been sinusoidal- ups and downs. I am known to be a person of determination but I know that I lack consistency a bit. I cannot say the credit belongs to me. I was not a solitary soldier, I had multiple divine interventions.

Face your fear!

As a tot of 2nd grade, I feared my swimming classes the most. I couldn’t float my thin body and I succumbed to absconding my turn to jump and swim across the pool during classes. I would cunningly manage to send every friend of mine forward in queue and waste the entire time and walk out happy. Eventually this didn’t work at all. I gradually realised one thing. I was not afraid to swim!  I was afraid of drowning. ! There is a huge difference.  It took me a lot of time to pamper my heart and make my muscles work constructively to float me. I became the master of swimming, I conquered my fear.

People who are average performers in class will be very light minded and easy going attitude. They do not face a lot pressure of competition. They know the trick to be calm and cool and yet be happy with what they receive. Sometimes, I envy them. My fear of exam and fear of losing my image amongst people has been one of the major impetuses to do well in my examinations always. But I realise this ain’t true spirits. I still suffer from this fear of a proper future without good exam performance. I fear acceptance in the world and I know I must give up on it and learn the cool attitude and yet be responsible.

Fear is an inevitable part of human being. Fear of fire has made us invent extinguishers, fear of meat has given us agricultural inclination, fear of flowing rivers has given us bridges; fear is an integral part of life that makes us better individuals marching towards progress. Fear has to be faced. We have to work on it. Fixing a fear can make changes to your monotonous life. Change can be really enriching and enlightening. I am today the best swimmer of my class capable of underwater swimming along the pool length, a person working on the fear he captivates for the people he loves and an individual motivated to improve himself and stand out, not on the basis of fear of rejection from the world, but an optimism that will make me unique. Remember guys, “To fix it, Risk it! “. !

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