For real or surreal ?

When was the last time you woke up from your slumber and laughed at your wild imagination? Have you ever visualized strangely shaped and mobile objects in your dreams? If you say yes, you probably know how metaphorical your perception can be. If you say a no, then may be your imagination is not mystic enough.

It’s that moment when you wake, bristled out of bed and realise that the one eyed monster was only a part of your dream and a brutal joke played by your mind in juxtaposing the things you saw around in a day, is when you are marvelled by the power of the mind. Inspired by the human ability to dream and re-construct in the mental space, several art forms have emerged.

Artists have ever since expanded beyond the horizon in their field and sketched several objects that have enticed the senses of human beings and also reinforced the spirit of thinking among its patrons. They had keenly studied dreams, imbibed metaphorical meanings, and stripped the various objects off their earthly configuration and provided a new one all together. In fact, this was the very origin of the mermaids as a concept, where the artists fantasised a beautiful women with a fish in the abdominal region.

Melting Dial clocks

The basic idea is to depict the subconscious of a person. Many philosophical thinkers could fathom that the artist most often performed a certain astral travel into another dimension. Astral travel is perceived to be performed by the astral / ethereal body of the human beings in the subconscious state. They are believed to paint them unaware, as if hypnotised and by a mere push of their instincts. But there is no living proof to this theory of evolution of a new art form. The artists meanwhile meekly argued that it’s their creativity that needs credit.

The paradoxical stairs, the leg boots and melting clock dial are all but a wonderful depiction of magnificent and imperceptible things on earth. Just like many styles like expressionism or cubism, this human tendency to tap the subconscious had given rise to SURREALISM.

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