Federer can Fly!

A month ago, Roger Federer did something that he usually refrains from - a public apology. Over the years, the Master of Tennis has seen a few lows in his career, but he never apologised to his fans, citing reasons that winning and losing was part of the game. Until he lost to Tsonga in the quarter-final of the Roland Garros. That day, Federer said he was disappointed. At some days the game doesn’t strike, especially when you are 32 years old!

But not today! Federer walked into the Centre Court of Wimbledon 2013 as the defending Champion and hence according to rules and tradition, his match was the tournament opener. On the other side of the court stood the tall Romanian Victor Hanescu. He would have hoped that Federer had another one of those bad days. He had no idea what was coming.

Roger Federer took just 18 minutes to win the thrid set against Victor Hanescu

67 minutes later, Victor Hanescu left the court with a tinge of relief. It had been a gruelling one hour and Federer had pounded him like never before. The first set took 24 minutes and the second took 27. At the end of the match, Federer claimed, it was a ‘perfect day’. He struck 32 winners and just 6 unforced errors and the third set took just 18 minutes. To be fair to Hanescu, he didn’t play badly. It is just that every shot of his was matched by a better shot from Federer’s blade. When Hanescu played and excellent lob over Federer, Federer responded with an even better lob in the next game, clearing the towering 6 foot 6 inch frame of the Romanian. Hanescu also produced 85 percent of his first serves correctly, but managed only 14 points on those. Clearly, he couldn’t do any more.

The Wimbledon has kicked off on a great note - the same way it has been for the past 10 years. Roger Federer, the defending Champion as he has been for 7 times now, graciously took the centre stage, and graciously took out his opponent. Today, 10 years after winning his first Wimbledon, Federer took it one step ahead and soared above everything, thus proving that he can fly!

On the same day that Federer breezed past his opponent, his arch rival Rafael Nadal has a tough coming as he crashed out in the first round of Wimbledon 2013 in what was the biggest Day 1 upset in the tournament, and the end of one of the greatest sporting comebacks in history.


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