‘Fashion Rebel’ in CE 2000+

The Hollywood’s got it wrong. They don’t wear black tees, gothic makeup and have extensive piercings. The Bollywood’s got it wrong too. They don’t come in buttoned-down shirts with rolled up sleeves, baggy pants, long hair and a dangling earring.

The ‘fashion rebel’ in 21st century cannot be defined by the stereotypic flashy outfits. The ‘rebel’ stands out because he cannot be imitated. Being a rebel is more about the attitude and less about the attire.
The fashion rebel is the one who wears a plain T shirt to a million dollar fund raiser. He is the one who doesn’t bother about flaunting his status-quo with his million-dollar neck tie. She is the lady wearing sneakers to a ballroom dance. The ‘rebels’ are the ones who don’t feel the pressing need to adhere to social conformities about what they should wear and when.
The bottom line is the rebel dresses to yell a big ‘NO’ to ‘the crowd’.
Now there is the other category of people: the majority or ‘the crowd’. ‘The crowd’ dresses to impress the people around them. It can also be to portray themselves as belonging to a certain class in society. The members of this ‘crowd’ try too hard to fall into the niches already set by our culture: ‘the trend setters’, ‘the nerds’,’ the conventional’ and the list goes on. And this is where the ‘rebels’ stand out. They dress to ‘express’ not to ‘impress’.

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