Facebook Home: the new ‘it’ ?

Google’s Android has become the mobile operating system every one unanimously loves. It is the next generation of portable personal computer, or maybe not. The one disadvantage in Android bugging every smart-phone-maniac is its inability to run multiple apps at once. On your old-school desktop PC you can Skype chat, run a couple software updates while waiting for your browser to load. But in your smartphone you would have to sit with your Facebook app while it downloads the zillion notifications in to your news feed. Well, not any more.

Facebook Home

That’s were Facebook Home comes in, Facebook Inc.’s newest release of your favorite app. Facebook Home is a family of apps, that puts ‘your friends at the heart of your phone.’
OK, translating from geek to English, Home updates all your FB notifications, messages and chats on to your screen even when you are using other apps. To top it all, it also allows you to chat with multiple friends through Facebook simultaneously.
Doesn’t sound like much? Wait for it.
Cover Feed displays a stream of posts on to your screen as soon as you turn on your phone. In Facebook’s words, “it puts the spotlight on whatever friends are sharing now—photos, status updates, links and more.”
Notifications on calls, events and updates stick around on your screen till you deal with them.
Annoying much? But here’s the good part: you can swipe away the one’s you are not interested in and keep the ones you want.
Chatting with your best friend while you catch up on last night’s game is good,but chatting with all of your friends simultaneously is better. Facebook Home lets you switch between chat windows with just a click on your friend’s profile picture on the screen.
But the best part of Facebook Home is the app launcher. It keeps all your favorite apps in one place, personalizing your system even more, truly making you feel at ‘home’.

Everything sounds great, waiting to download the new cool app? Sorry to disappoint, but here’s the bad news. While it is open for free download from Google Play, it can only be used in HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II. This substantially shrinks the potential market for the app.

With the changing licensing rights on mobile apps, it should be possible for all smartphone users to have a taste of Facebook Home soon enough. Dearest Apple fans, hang on in there..

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