Evil as chaos

Evil is good’s foe, and insanity, or chaos is opponent to order and stability. But at some point of time in our past, the two have gained the same pedestal of fame, or better termed, revulsion. We see anything that threatens the usual order of things as a contender, a nemesis who must be vary of. We hear the terms, when not used for political correctness, used interchangeably; As we observe from most modern horror movies, where ghosts, ghouls, isolated and paranoid humans or oppressive alien races are evil, and insane. From history, we call Hitler, Stalin, Nero and other characters evil AND insane. Now the million dollar question arises: What’s the difference between evil and insanity?

To resolve this dilemma, I call upon two of the world’s most renowned antagonists: The Joker from the batman series and Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. Both of them are portrayed as evil. Both do things the hero tries to prevent. Both look hideous, Joker’s ‘extended’ smile equaled by Voldemort’s lack of a nose. Neither fear justice, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their goals: Now that’s where things change.
Joker’s acts of villainy are as twisted and manipulative as Voldemort’s. He turns Harvey to the side of chaos by tearing apart all that he believes in, just as Voldemort tries to do. However, the Joker isn’t doing it for personal gain. He does not want money, global  domination or fame. He desires to break people, and make them realize that order is as temporary as chaos. He is unpredictable and incomprehensible. He is insane, because he sees the world differently from the rest, and acts upon his whims.

The Joker



Voldemort on the other hand wanted to rule the world. He killed, looted and pilliaged so that people would bow down to him. He manipulated from the shadows, and only made himself apparent to the world when he could best take advantage of it’s ignorance. His moves are predictable, his strategies apparent. He is evil, because he sees the world as most do, but refuse to give in to its imposed ‘rules’.

To be insane is not the same as being evil. To see an alternate world from one’s peers is a double edged sword. Thus the insane are gifted visionaries, but what they do with their talents is guided by how the world acts with them. It can create a Lincoln, and at the same time, a Hitler.

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