Elixirs of life gone missing

The terrible power crises across Tamil Nadu has kept me wondering if we were the unlucky generation.  Well, until I googled it, I was wrong .  The contemporary power and water crises are reminiscent to the year 1975. Back then, Tamil Nadu was worst affected. With the generation of mere 2,254MW, it did not suffice to meet the needs. The then chief minister of the state, M.Karunanidhi announced a 100% power cut for high tension users, 25% on hospitals and complete supply only for irrigation purposes for farmers as dispatched by wikiLeaks. The air conditioning was highly restricted and five star hotels like the Taj Coromandel were charged only from 6pm to 6am and during lunch hours. This had a negative impact on tourism in the state. The supply of power to domestic consumers was rationed and they were fined if they exceeded limits.

Power Crisis in Tamil Nadu

The power in the state was generated from hydro industries and the droughts further worsened the crises. Supplying just 189MLD’s of water to the citizens, the city of Chennai was parched. The factories across the state were forced to shut down to supply power to 7 lakh pump sets across the state for farmers. The employment of working staff was now affected and the entire state and its capital city now seemed to stagnate in growth. Many took to feet and considered migrating to other places. The remedy to the malady of Tamil Nadu was the project of cloud seeding introduced by a California firm with a whooping budget of $550,000.The air crafts were made to fly for 140-150 hours over Nilgris and Poondi and seed 10,000gm of silver Iodide and there was in improvement in the crises within 3 weeks with 700million gallons flowing into the reservoirs.! Though the state of Tamil Nadu can boast of its quick recovery back in 1975, it seems that its still marching on the very similar road to peril. Even with the generation of 10,000MW and a water supply of 800MLD, many cities and towns still suffer from 16 hours power cuts. Its high time they young minds and the administrators of the state take a serious stance on this issue before it gets too late and may leave us realizing we are in the cave man era yet again! Atleast there was sufficient power for me to type this article down!

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