Digging a grave abroad

Bewilderment, shock and uneasiness encompass me whenever I hear instances of Indians and mostly Andhra Pradesh students being murdered and targeted abroad. This trend had begun a decade ago and the reasons are visibly a plenty.

To list the most striking reason, I had a discussion with my parents about the safety of Indians in countries like the US and Australia hereafter. The structure of education in countries abroad is extremely flexible and they focus less in core education, while the curriculum in the India takes us through a ride deep into the subjects. This obviously gives Indians an edge over others. For example, the doctors abroad aren’t necessarily ardent in familiarizing the names of the medicines essential for the symptoms of several diseases. They immediately use a reference book, jot down notes and then give you a prescription. This was a study I read in Yahoo many years ago. But, the MBBS degree for Asians comes with herculean amount of preparation and by hearting the medication as a treatment for the symptoms of a patient. So, which doctor do you prefer? Think about it.

A Cut above the Rest

Moreover the techies of foreign lands punctually cease to work beyond 5pm everyday. So, isn’t it obvious that the over working Asians shall be employed for greater effort and more dedication to the company? Instead of engaging in homicide, I think its high time the citizens of abroad nations give a second thought to stop feeling insecure and engage in healthy global competition. Luxury comes only with hard work. Well, the motivation for me to put down this article came about when I had recently read the news of another Andhra Pradesh techie, P.V. Sharath Kumar, an employee of the TCS, killed in the  US  at Washington DC.

Global harmony and world peace?  I doubt it from now on.

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