Creative Advertising

With Apple celebrating 30 years of “magical” technology, let’s take a peek into the one thing this company has always done best- Advertising. The brand that continues to awe-inspire its consumers and competitors alike has stated to the world, the core of creative advertising through the simplest and most effective of campaigns- “Think Different”

Advertising is above the clutches of popular stars, hard cash and boardroom tables. It is the purity of thought and idea that brings out new perspective to the products we see. With the number of products on a constant rise, making a creative advertisement or publicity campaign has become all the more important. Making an advertisement involves keeping in mind the geography, demography, beliefs of the people in the area and sometimes none of the above. An ad can be for a particular age, area or even better, made for all. It’s not a stroke of luck to come up with a good ad but a stroke of brilliance. That stroke can be just picture, a person or a word.


The ad is for Penguin audio books and what is better than Shakespeare be you’re your headphone!

On the contrary, Pepsi launched the “Youngistaan” campaign and the “Oye Bubbly” track which became tremendous success. Though not extremely simple, it is a great way to advertise in a country like India with Bollywood loving people.

Apart from the ads for products, the government and various social welfare organizations have taken a step to reach out to the ignorant and deaf audience by appealing just to their guilty conscience. It makes an impact with the least amount of energy spent and as we all learn, that’s an art to be mastered.


Then come the advertisements that have the perfect timing. If the concept works like the mind, logically, the timing and presentation work emotionally and drive the nail home.When every other computer in the world was crashing down at the millennium, all Apple had to say for its Mac was

“We might not get everything right, but at least we knew the century was going to end”

Creativity has a twin, stupidity. Sometimes the most funny or eye-catching ads have been made just by portraying a slightly less creative and more stupid poster.


It may not have gotten your critical acclaim but it definitely caught your eye and the purpose was thus, served!

And as a closure to this view into creative advertising, here is an example to show that at the end of the day everyone takes their step at advertising.

Even a Funeral Service!

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