Conditions Apply

Buy one get one free! 80% discounts on all apparels! Just 30 paise per minute for all STD calls! Sale here sale there, sale sale everywhere!! In the adrenaline rush that we get at the sight of these posters and news, we tend not to notice the tiny little asterisk mark on top, which is virtually invisible compared to the huge font, saying “SALE”.  The adrenaline rush is later replaced by a sudden increase in heart beat and blood pressure when we see the bill.

Conditions Apply

The discount is available only to members, and only if you buy a blue shirt along with a pink one from the same lousy brand. 30 paise per call is only if you pay an initial tariff of 50 bucks and another 60 bucks to avail the offer and if you are still left with any top up balance in your phone or a bit of cash in the pocket, which seems to have a hole in it inspite of sales, then, you can get to use the offer you paid for. The high heeled leather boots which you thought came at a very cheap price, and also look super cool with your skirt, disappoint you with tiny little tags that say “not water proof”. They tend to make you walk at snail pace and somehow all this comes to your notice only after you bragged to the whole world about how amazing a deal you got at your new favorite store!

For all guys who have wondered why girls are so crazy about hitting the store on the first day of sale, this is the reason. With time the stock loses its charm to impress. To be more precise, with every shopaholic entering the store the probability of you benefiting from the sale reduces proportional to the cash in her wallet.

Sale or stale? Discount or does it really count? Free or you just can’t see?

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